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Building a fast and lightweight website

Published 1/26/2022

It was time to redesign my website, and I needed to move from a static image website (used to showcase the occasional photograph I took) to one that supports UX and CRO focused articles. My journey involved learning the HUGO Static Site Generator to produce a fast and lightweight website, leveraging CSS Grid to create a code optimized responsive design, all while achieving the ever elusive Google Page Speed score of 100%.

About This Site

This site is a record of thoughts on user experience design and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Each article will explore topics related to basic SEO, CRO, UX, or website performance as measured by Google Vitals, Google Page Speed, and GTMetrix. It is also a playground for trying new things. It is built using only basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because, well, that is all that is needed.

About Me

With a passion for improving user experience and increasing conversion rates, Miguel is an incredible resource for any business looking to grow online.

After more than 24 years working in online services and e-commerce, Miguel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project he takes on. He has served large and small brands across the country in website design, usability, operations and project management. Each position has enhanced his abilities and given Miguel invaluable insights into the minds of consumers.

His strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and desire to help others enable Miguel to excel in boosting various organizations' revenues and conversions. The goal with every initiative he takes on is to make the client standout as a leader in their respective industry for their target audience.

Miguel has a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University. When he's not busy studying new ways to bolster CRO, Miguel enjoys photography, investing and fitness.

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